Sports Leaders UK


Sport Leaders UK are a national organisation which offers a variety of qualifications and awards, two of which lend themselves very well to further education yet have not been considered before.

  • Eleven of the awards and qualifications are practical – learners learn by doing rather than through written work.
  • There are no exams – assessment is made upon a learner’s ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills for a certain period of time, within a specific setting.

Maths and Literacy Leaders Award

SL2The Award is available for students who have good maths or English skills, typically those who come to college with an A or and A*. The offer to them in return for a good Award for their own CV is that they will reciprocate by supporting peers in the classroom, running and manning drop-in sessions for GCSE maths or English or volunteering in any other way that adds value to those students who do not yet have their C grade and are doing a resit.

These awards work well within a school setting with either 6th formers assisting younger students or year 10/ year 11 mentoring year 7 students. They have not been considered in FE before now.

Sport Leaders UK have offered 65 funded places as a pilot to see if it fits the needs of further education institutions. The take up of these places has been easy and eight colleges are now running maths, English or both leaders as a trial to see what impact it may have within their organisation. The trial will run from April to the Summer Term exam at which point a report will be produced. All materials are provided by Sports Leaders although they do need repurposing for an older audience and this will be looked at.

This is an innovative approach to supporting students in the classroom for further education. Staffing issues are critical within further education GCSE resit classes and the more volunteers, with good skills, that can be mustered to support the specialists has to be a good thing.


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