Making the grade, D to C – solutions in 16-19 study programmes for GCSE maths and English

This project, funded under the Department for Education (DfE) Sharing Innovative Approaches and Overcoming Barriers in Delivering 16-19 Study Programmes is designed to support and enhance their development. A big challenge is how to move significant numbers of learners on full-time vocational Study Programmes from a maths/English GCSE D grade to a C.

This project has uncovered some exciting and innovative approaches to what, for some colleges, is the biggest challenge they face. It has also unearthed some sensational elements such as the scale of the problem; 40% of students leave secondary school without a C grade in either maths or English or both and 90% of them still don’t have it by the age of 18yrs. For some colleges that means over 1,000 students having to resit.

HP 1

The project shares 16 Case Studies from a range of providers. It also highlights, within a Resource Guide, the materials, approaches and resources that could be used with students. Also available are details of the conference sessions held at Shuttleworth College in March.

The Resource Guide provides concrete examples of approaches, strategies, techniques and resources being used to enable learners to jump from grade D to grade C in their GCSE. It also responds to the staff development needs already identified through the Maths and English Enhancement programmes led by ACER on behalf of the region.

Take a look at The Sport Leaders pilot maths and English Leaders; look at what Harlow College have produced as a web-based starter of the day; get a set of Mathematical Association “48 killer facts for a C grade” postcards, to mention just a few of the elements of the project.

This project ran from October 2014 to March 2015.  It has now finished.


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  1. Linda Hinds says:

    the ‘resource guide’ link has crashed, I was looking at it earlier, recommended it to a colleague but now it’s not working 😦

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